Moscow college of lawyers Dubinin and Partners

The board “Dubinin and Partners” is represented by 4 attorneys and 2 status lawyers. The college provides qualified services to private individuals and legal entities on a wide range of issues of legal security and support.

Professional legal aid will allow you to solve the most various problems quickly and without significant moral and financial losses, to protect yourself from illegal claims, charges and to advocate your interests in a court-of-law and in a pre-judicial order.

For individuals we offer aid in the following areas: Civil and Administrative proceedings; • Labor law; 
 • Succession law; 
 • Tax law; 
 • Land disputes; 
 • Insurance disputes and road accidents; 
 • Debt collections; 
 • Personal bankruptcies.

For legal entities we provide services in the areas such as: Ensuring internal and external security of business; 
 • Due diligence; 
 • Litigation support in Arbitrazh court; 
 • Labor law; 
 • HR record management and outstaffing; 
 • Tax law; 
 • Financial audit; 
 • Business intelligence; 
 • Debt collections; 
 • Representations of interests of the client during inspections (by Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and FTA)

High professional competence, responsibility and attentiveness to details of our specialists guarantee our clients an excellent outcome on issues of any complexity level and in short terms. What’s more, reasonable cost of services will surely make cooperation with us financially rewarding.

We cooperate with law companies in other countries, such as Cyprus, China, Israel and Germany. Dealing with us, you will be protected not only on the territory of the Russian Federation but also beyond its borders.

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